Brass Spiral Tribal Earrings

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Name: Tribal Earring
Material: Non-Precious-Metal
Metal: Brass/Beads/Thread
Style : Traditional/Ethnic/Festive/Indian Cultural
Colour: Golden

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As a girl or a woman do you also love the feeling when your earrings slightly move over your rosy cheeks, as if teasing them for being so soft and making them blush deep red? Are you too in love with the melodious notes that your ear jewellery makes when you flick them with your fingers? Then stop your hunt right here because Craftgen has handpicked a pair of brass spiral tribal earrings with a central chain along with ten to twelve tiny spiral-shaped rings interlocked onto it by the help of hooks, especially for you. They thus enhance mood, beauty and confidence and glorify the goddesses that walk on the Earth.


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