Betel Leaf-Shaped Pendants Tribal Earrings

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Name: Tribal Earring
Material: Non-Precious-Metal
Metal: Brass/Beads/Thread
Style : Traditional/Ethnic/Festive/Indian Cultural
Colour: Golden

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Going by the famous saying that ‘ a father is always a hero’ aren’t we being stereotyped and forgetting all the efforts our mothers put in? Be it giving birth to us or sacrificing their happiness, they have done it all. Starting from teaching us how to read and write to passing on traditions, mothers have been the very backbone of our families.

So this Mother’s day doesn’t miss out on the opportunity of thanking our beloved mothers and all those women without whom we won’t have been able to live, by presenting them with these beautiful pair of earrings designed out of black thread along with betel leaf-shaped pendants tribal Earrings at the end which its borders having a folding pattern and a tiny flower engraved in the centre of each.


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